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Silicon micro-needles

U-Needle develops and produces micro-needles employing a unique in-plane silicon etching method.

The intended use is any application for which an accurate, quick, pain-free intradermal and subcutaneous delivery is needed, for example vaccination, drug delivery, and in-skin aesthetic treatments.

Atom sharp & ease of use

U-Needle micro-needles are atom sharp while having an extremely short bevel. The micro-needle facilitates perpendicular injections in the dermal layer with high precision and with an astonishing ease of use.


As a good micro-needle does not necessarily make a good device, we believe that a smart design of the ‘micro-needle head’ is crucial for a reliable, user-friendly and distinguished end product.

U-Needle has excellent capabilities in-house for developing tailor-made micro-needle devices that facilitate a reliable and easy skin penetration and drug delivery at the desired depth. Our current products are fitted with a female Luer lock connector, but other designs are also possible.